Book Signing and Archaeological Dig!

Hey there book lovers. I feel like an eternity has gone by. So much is going on. Over the last month I have had a book signing, a coloring contest, and gotten into a major book store. Hopefully there is more to come.

The book signing was not the only thing I did. You know that I have a Tutankhamun coloring book. OK, not Pulitzer stuff, but fun. So to spruce up the book signing I also included a miniature “archaeological dig.” That’s right….I brought a somewhat large, but portable sand box to the book store so the kids could dig around and find “artifacts” that I had buried in the sand! I went to the dollar store and bought little dinosaurs, bracelets, and rings etc. I corded off the box into “dig sections” and what ever the children found they could keep. I think I had as much fun as the kids did as I explained that this how real buried treasures are found out there in the real world. I was only there a short time but and sold 18 books! Not bad for a first. I am looking around for other book stores to do the same thing over again. Of course, I get forever sidetracked so the going is slow. But the stream is constant.

Another little promotion I am having is sponsoring a coloring contest. At the book signing I gave away entry forms and pages of the book for anyone over age 5 to color and submit for prizes. We have some pretty good prizes, too. We have over a hundred dollars in prizes. First prize is worth about $100. Second is $25 and 3rd is $20. For more details you will have to go to the website, click on the events page, and read about the coloring contest. There you can view and download the rules, prizes, and entry form. The contest runs through all of October to November 17th.  Take a look and buy a book! But there is no purchase necessary to enter the contest…so go ahead and color some fun. U can enetr 2. more later…………

Digging for buried treasure at the Edmonds Book Shop book signing/archaeological dig event.

Digging for treasure      

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Now at Amazon

Hi.  More of the continuing saga of publishing a book. My book. The ‘Tutankhamun A King’s Coloring Book’. Lots has happened since the last log-in. I think I mentioned before that I finished putting the website together.  Go check it out. Almost everyday I find something new to change or add so if you have been there once it’s probably different now. I lowered the price for one thing. I got break from a different printer so I could pass that savings on. I also finished setting up an Amazon Seller account, which is not that hard. So you can find the book there, too!

One of our local book stores wants to carry the book for a while so I am off today to take a hand full of them there and talk to the proprietor. I might have a book signing event there, too! Kinda exciting becoming an author, even if it’s only for a coloring book. But it’s more than just a coloring book. It’s more like a text-book in which you color the pages.  I will also seek out other local small stores to see if they want to carry the books. I hate to say this, because it’s a long way off, but these would make great Christmas gifts. Of course, I’ll be sure to remind everyone again as the holidays draw near. LOL Anyway this is beside the point. Book stores are cool. I’d rather spend my time in one reading or browsing than watching TV and I do just that quite a bit.

Anyhooo….I got a few more surprises up my sleeve as far as marketing is concerned but that will have to keep for another day. For all the spies out there, they(you) probably already know what I am doing so no need to read about it here but you’re welcome to if you must. I forgive you. You can go about your other business now…..these aren’t the droids you are looking for. Stay tune for another episode soon.



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Website is Official

Hi Sports fans. I hope y’all are enjoying the Olympics. I have been. It’s been great to listen to them and occasionally watch the Olympics, tuned into the background, as I worked on my computer. I have been designing a website for my coloring book …not just the blog. My website is a commercial site that I built rather quickly. I had a great time working on the web building site I chose. It was pretty easy to get used to how their software worked and working intermittently I got my site created and live in about a week. I was distract occasionally with watching my favorite events in the Olympics, so I might have been able to finish it a little sooner.

The web address for the Tut book is  … check it out! It was not that expensive either. If anyone out there wants help building one on the let me know. You can go to the website and hit the Contact Us button or send me a blog message. I almost hate to ask this question but I think I would like an opinion on the price I have set for the book. The reasoning I have used to determine the price is three-fold. First I had to do a lot of research for the book. It’s not just a coloring book. It’s more like an encyclopedic coloring book. There is a lot of information about the artifacts from Tutankhamun’s tomb. It’s a text-book of sorts with pages that you can color. Second, the illustrations took a long time to do, too. I did them all by hand with Faber-Castell ink pens and Clearprint Cotton Fiber Drafting Paper. The lettering at the top of each page was done with press-on letters. When the pages were complete I had to scan them into to the computer, set them in order, I did use Photoshop to align all the lettering and illustrations on the pages, convert everything into PDF files, find a printer, upload the files or put them on a thumb-drive, get printing quotes, decide on who to use, and say go.  Finally, setting up the corporation and getting all of the business licenses needed to sell this commercially was not free either. Finding a normal publishing company to handle this might have taken ages but I wanted to learn all these steps anyway. So, these are reasons how I decided the price of the coloring book. Oh, and I did check other coloring books out at major book stores and found that the prices for their regular type coloring books are just barely less expensive.

So, if you want to send me note about the composition of the website and the price of the book I will try to take the criticism or praise in good spirit.  Hey, if you like the book buy a copy…you must either have or know some kids that would enjoy it! I even want to get out my colored pencils and give it go while learning about King Tut!                                     Thanks for being there!

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Progress Self Publishing episode 2

Hi ….  it’s been a couple of days. What have I got done? Did a lot of yard work this week. Not much help, huh. Well, I got some things done on the corporation front. But why start a corporation? Well, there is supposed to be tax benefits. I’ll let my accountant handle all this at year’s end. But what I found interesting was that having a corporation you can do business as multiple entities or DBA’s (doing business as). You can state up to 5 or so on the corp papers. The basic requirement is that you have to be conducting any legal activity. So, as example, my wife and I also sell real estate. From what I have been told we can use the corp to do this business and there might be less taxes to pay.  She also wants to sell Shaklee Vitamins and Health products. We can use the corporation for proceeds, if any.  Another benefit is that the corporation pays you your salary. If you don’t draw any salary, or a very small one, there is no tax, eh! Let the cash build up in the corporation bank account. The corporation also has the right to pay for things, maybe your utilities since your business is at home, maybe for a company car, etc ( check with your own experts). You might not need a salary. But the corporation does have to pay tax on its income, if any, but supposedly at a lower rate than individuals. These are some considerations to examine if you want to sell things in America. Since I am only now setting up and researching all my business paper work efforts I may not be spot on with the above information (my disclaimer) but I think I am pretty close.

Well, I do have more to do. I procrastinate a lot, too, but that’s mostly because I am a couple thousand years old and have AADD = Adult Attention Deficit Disorder, my daughter calls me A2 D2.  meep meep…… more later…….don’t forget to copyright your work.

I really like the design elements of the ancient societies. This design has a bit of the Ark of The Covenant in it. Interesting!

If you want to be among the first to purchase and receive a signed copy of the coloring book, once its been printed in bulk, send an email to to be put on the list and then wait for further details.  Thanks

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Progress Self Publishing

If anyone wants to follow my progress you are welcome. I have a coloring book I want to get on the market. I am working toward that end. This blog is another step. I first had to get the book in shape since I had it for a while but it needed a lot of help. Well, to make the latest episode short I got the new Photoshop software and re-edited every page and the cover. I am showing samples of the pages as I go along. But, now, in the meantime, there are still a lot things that need to get done. I got my corporation filed, I have my UBI number. I am applying for a re-seller permit so I can buy products (the books) without paying sales tax so I can sell them to retailers, who charge the sales tax.

Actually getting the corporation set up was pretty easy, easier than I thought it would be. The gov dot com people have simplified the online process so much it took me all of about 20 minutes to complete the process.  Now I have to wait for few days to get the actually certificate which has additional information on it that I need for the reseller permit. For the reseller permit you’ll need a Pre Access Code. You can call your state dept of revenue and get that number once your corporation information is complete.

Next steps include getting the state business license and setting up a bank account for online deposits. Don’t forget the EIN number, it’s the IRS tax number basically. While you may not have to pay  federal taxes with S Corp status you’ll the EIN number for various paper work in state.

I gotta go for now….tune later for additional episodes.

swamp scooters

Swamp scooters zip along all over he Nile delta

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Sat the 7th

I like 7’s. The Chinese lucky number is 8. Maybe we’ll all have a lucky weekend! I am waiting for my peoples here to get themselves together so we can go have coffee with a friend. It is going to be a nice day today. Take an umbrela for sun? One for the rain. Gotta love Seattle. A million slugs can’t be wrong.

The Egyptian hawk carries the sun across the sky.

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After the Fourth

Hi…it’s a couple days after the fourth. We are still here! The whole week seemed like a  holiday to me. Of course, I didn’t have to work this week but I tried to and didn’t get much accomplished. It just seemed like the week was an off week. Oh, I got some stuff done. Usually the things I get done are menial things and not the things I should be concentrating on. Anyway, it’s Friday but seems like Saturday. Tomorrow we’re booked up most of the day so the important stuff will seem distant.

the old neighborhood

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